This is a detailed Episode Guide of Dragonball Return of the Saiyan, this has all 194 Episodes and 11 Seasons.

Episode 001:

Birth of a Savior: Saiyan vs. Icejin part 1

The tale starts off with Satur, Dyuu's father, running to the ER. He runs into Bardock, Goku's father. He asks what he is doing and Bardock replies that he is looking at his sons power level. Satur asks how much is it and Bardock's reply is: "To low to be my son's." Bardock runs off and is not seen until later in the episode. Satur than realizes that he has to see his son or daughter. He bursts through the doors of the ER and Milocka is there to give him the good and bad news: His wife died during labor, but his daughter lived. Shocked by this he rushes out of the medical wing and heads to an abandon planet and transforms into a great ape and takes his anger ouot with a few practice rounds on demolished cities and dead bodies. He realizes that he has released enough anger and heads back to Planet Vegeta. When he gets near the planet he notices that Bardock has taken matters into his own hands and attacks their lord and ruler: Frieza. Frieza doesn't heistate and he creates a HUGE Supernova Death Ball, and releases it upon the Saiyans and their beloved planet. Satur lands and is shocked by what he sees. It's unknown if he knew Dyuu was already off of the planet. The Death ball slams into the planet and Satur, along with the other Saiyans are killed and the planet destroyed. Dyuu lands on Earth and freezes their for 1000(but technically it would be 1019, making the year 1756. but it takes place 1000 years after the destruction of Planet Vegeta and 19 weeks during the year 1737.

Episode 002:

Birth of a Savior: 1000 Years Later part 2

1000 years later, in the year 1737 AD, Dyuu's prsion is has now broke her free. And her pod drifts to the shores a little country named: Suijena. A teenage boy, by the name of Ryo Ushimaru, finds the pod and taps it. The pod glows and it explodes. Emerging from the destruction is: Dyuu. She faints and Ryo takes her to the hosptial. He rushed her to the hospital and the doctors were surprised by what they saw: She had no cuts, no burises, no broken bones, no nothing.